WordPress 3.5 release date

I found out today that the WordPress 3.5 release date will be 5th December with some sweet improvements to the Media Library, including the ability to attach images to posts via the Media Library it’s self rather than having to re-upload individual images – now thats going to be handy! Haven’t actually installed the beta locally yet but that’s one excuse to give it a go for sure!

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  1. Hi Elliott,
    I have a question not in relation to your blog, but it has to do with the “description” when sharing my blogs on facebook. Since you are familiar with coding, I wanted to share with you an issue that has just started over the last few weeks. When I share my blog on facebook the description no longer shows the first sentence or two of my blog, it has an add. I did some research and found another blogger that addressed this issue. I learned that once I share the blog and before I actually post it, I am able to click on the description, hit the delete button and add my own description. This blogger also addresses that you can change the description permanently so that no other descriptions can be added, but the steps to accomplish this is for “blogger” not WordPress, here is his link: http://www.bloggersentral.com/2010/11/facebook-share-shows-wrong-description.html. I then tried to find a WordPress blog that addressed this same issue and have been unable to find one. Can you help or refer me to someone from WordPress that can?
    Thank you!
    Nina Tidwell

    1. Hi Nina, firstly it helps if your blog uses Open Graph tags, I believe if you use the Yoast SEO plugin there is an option to use such tags in your header – far easier to do it this way that to manually code it. Don’t worry if you’re not using them facebook will work it out once they’ve scraped your site. Greenlava is correct in what they say, if you post your content and try to share it immediately then it’s possible that the description and content will get omitted but, if you use the facebook linter you can paste in and submit the url you want facebook to scrape. Use the facebook linter to force facebook to scrape your site. Once you’ve done this the linter will give you a presentation of what it can see and what might need to be addressed, in most cases it should be ok (I would imagine) if your blog header is correctly coded. Once you’ve done that go back to your page, refresh then try and share it again. Hope this helps.

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