Why do I need a responsive website – user experience

Why do I need a responsive website – simple, user experience!┬áThe single biggest reason for having a responsive website is to create a better user experience. Mobile users and tablet users browse the web in a different way and the experience of using your website should be treated differently, Mobile users are more likely going to be on the move and not necessarily using a fast wireless network so not only should your website look slightly different it should respond quickly and load more efficiently too.

Mobile users do not need distractions on your website so multiple columns and multiple links should be reduced and thought about differently using gestures and icons. If you want mobile users to touch a call to action or share your content, then removing distractions and keeping the user concentrated on the narrative with a call to action at the end of your content is more likely to achieve your marketing goal of actioning that call!

Be it a button that says ‘Sign Up, Buy Now or Contact Us’ make it quick and easy for mobile users to action it, don’t let them have to pinch and zoom in to tiny little buttons and links that will only refresh them back to that tiny little page when touched – that’s just a bad user experience!

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  1. I could not agree more, I come across so many older desktop-only orientated websites which must seriously limit the business they belong to.

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