Web design company

Square One have been involved in web design since 2004. Although Square One was started a few years earlier it was never started as a web design company. Web design has always been the passion of Elliott Richmond being a lover of all things techy and software his attentions were always drawn to web design. Having honed and developed his skills outside of fulltime employment he endeavored with his plan of running a web design company one day. Back in the day when Dreamweaver, Netscape and “tables” were used to create websites Elliott practiced his skills learning html, css and server side technology like php and javascript while he was meandering his way through the world of freelance. During this time he was running small websites for either personal use or sideline hobby pursuits. Today his involvement at Square One as a web design company is to manage a host of small to medium sized websites that use modern tableless, html5 and css3 technologies. As well as using WordPress as a content management system for the websites he has also dipped his toes into other open source solutions such as Joomla and Drupal. In his own words “I much prefer to use WordPress as it’s easy to implement as a publishing platform and easy for the user to use”.  Square One will continue to offer online solutions as a web design company for as long as websites are in demand.