WordPress is probably the most powerful publishing platform used in the world today, used by many high profile users such as eBay, Mashable, BBC America, The NHS, The Rolling Stones, PlayStation, CNN and many many more! And the list keeps on growing.

WordPress as a CMS

At Square One we use WordPress as a Content Management System to build highly bespoke and fully functional websites. Because WordPress is so flexible we can build the most simple personally branded websites to the most complex highly customised product or services based websites in a smart and intuitive way. WordPress stores data it such a way that it makes working with structured data particularly easy.

Extending WordPress

One of the benefits of using WordPress is it’s extendability through the use of plugins. If a WordPress site requires additional functionality it’s more than likely there will already be a plugin available. Adding functionality to include social activity, advanced SEO, newsletter sign ups or advanced security couldn’t be easier, simply find a reputable plugin written by a trusted plugin author and away you go, saving you time and money!

Sometimes though a plugin isn’t enough, it doesn’t always do what you need it to do and it might require something with a little functionality… no problem, we’ll create a custom plugin for you based on your requirements. We will create a secure plugin that is finely tuned and only does what you need it to do giving your WordPress site that unique touch.

Why WordPress

We build websites using WordPress because it means that ‘you’ the client, can easily manage the site for yourself. Taking full control of the content will save you money – no more waiting for your web designer to add a new testimonial because you can do it yourself. Don’t worry about how to do things because we will provide a full suite of videos specifically based on the site we’ve built for you so you can sit back a watch how to do things, or you can let your staff watch them and learn how to manage the website for you.

So if you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your business thrive online with a WordPress driven website simple get in-touch.

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