Should your business have a website or blog?

We have come across this question recently about websites and blogs and it seems that mixed opinions are being published, we would like to clarify the importance and differences of both.

So, should your business have a website or blog?

Since Google have announced the launch of caffeine back in July 2010, there seems to be this myth that you must have a blog and websites designed by web designers are no longer relevant for Google search… Wrong!

Let’s look at the main differences of a website and a blog.

In business a website is a shop window. In the window you need to sells services or products that might have sign-up packages and many other things that just need to look nice with graphics. Whilst conveying this information things need to be given priority and have eye-candy so, the eye can be drawn into areas on a page –  these are referred to as ‘Call to Actions’.

A blog is categorised cronological information that has the flexibility of opening up conversation and allows a user to leave comments and/or opinions based on the content of the blog post. Because blog content is usually categorised and is cronological this can be manipulated and used in different ways.

Consider this, rather than a blog post of content why can’t a photographer use a blog post to show his latest images and ask for reviews or comments, or an ecommerce website ask for reviews on a product, or a social website ask subscribers to create a thread about an event… Can you see how a blog is not just a weblog….

A good web designer will combine a website and blog together to create something that is not only creative but also ticks all the boxes required by Google. That is to have current content that is new and also active. We are very keen to get the opinions of our readers on this subject so please do leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Should your business have a website or blog?

  1. Another good reasons ANY business needs to get online is the recent introduction of brand related search. When you search for a brand name, or what Google believes is a brand name, one brand site can dominate the first page of google.

    Try it search for “Apple” and it is all directly related to the Apple brand, either the Apple site (or sub-sites) or reviews on Apple products.

    So unless you want somebody else to appear for your brand term and charge you for the leads/sales then beat them to it.

  2. The combination of the two is something I think needed, providing it is done correctly.
    Is it true that a blog will rank higher and quicker than a website the more content is added to it on a daily basis?

    Nice post though. Barry J Hall

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