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Someone recently asked me if I could recommend a reliable offsite SEO company, my short answer was no! I’ve never found a reliable partner to work with as yet, not to say there aren’t any just that I haven’t found one.

Queue quick tip, here’s a bit of SEO advice for you…

A bad offsite SEO company will take your money on a monthly basis, usually on a short term contract of 6-12 months and promise ROI within the same period.

A good offsite SEO company will evaluate your website first and tell you that you need to get your onsite SEO in good order first before any strategy is planned out.

Building website pages the do not include duplicate titles, descriptions and content, making sure to create search engine friendly url’s, using relevant keywords for deep linking pages, structuring html code that places h tags in the appropriate place and adding alt tags to images are amongst just some of the things involved with onsite SEO. If things are not in good order search engine spiders will just index your site with the confusion that it probably deserves! Which is one very good reason to get things started correctly.

Like building a house the foundations are the most important part of the build, if they’re not solid then the building will just fall down.

4 thoughts on “SEO advice

  1. Hey Elliott,
    Some good recommendations; one’s I’d advise anyone to follow. I always think these should be built in from the start by the developer (as I’m sure you’d agree) but far too often they just aren’t.

    I use Opiyo ( for any serious SEO work; based upstairs from me but Liam who runs it is very good!

    1. Thank you Rich, I will check them out and make considerations for our next project. I’ve heard some nightmare stories from some prospects over the years! I’m not saying they aren’t out there just that I’ve never met one I would recommend yet.

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