One way to counteract Google’s Panda

Everyone should know about Google’s Panda updates by now. They’ve been rolling out periodically for the last 12 months or more.

For a majority of websites the number 1 priority is to get indexed regularly and get good ranking in Google’s search engine results.

Did you know that if your website is on a shared host your site could be de-indexed by Google’s recent and regular Panda updates.

Websites that have bad SEO and sit on a shared host could get de-ranked – that will effect the IP address that resolves at that shared host. Although your website may not be guilty in Googles eyes the site might get dragged down by another website because the IP has been effected. Think of it as getting in with the wrong crowd.

How do you combat this? Well the simple solution is to get hosted on a dedicated IP or dedicated hosting. If you would like to know more feel free to leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “One way to counteract Google’s Panda

  1. you really need to change what you’re writing. That idea of Google using the IP to blacklist you or drop you. Is absurd they do take their network you’re on into consideration but only about 3% of your entire site could ever be affected. If you are hosting on a shared hosting platform and using an a record as your e-mail you should know better and frankly you talk about on page SEO as a foundation that I don’t disagree however hosting is your true foundation. You skimp you lose not because of what you’re talking about because Google does not blacklist by IP anymore it’s all by domain however there is some truth to the bad neighborhood but it is the most unlikely thing to ever have happened if it did happen to do with the Google accusing you of creating a link farm something easily to disprove if you are actually innocent. any recommended company on Moz will help you. I don’t honestly mean to be like this but your starting stuff that is kind of filler/scare tactics no one is going to be found guilty in the end if you’re penalized your sent a e-mail telling you exactly what you’re penalized for.

    Your quest find the best can be solved in five minutes if you spend enough time researching search engine optimization you would know who is good who is not. I recommend you spend a lot more time researching in fact complete the distilled University course than join Moz there are companies that can only get on their recommended list because they have done truly outstanding work for over three years this is judged by the entire staff is not a small thing to get on their. So go to Moz than at the bottom when she recommended click

    1. This article was written over 12 months ago sir!

      At what point did I say “blacklisted”? I am merely pointing out that it could get effected as you have stated yourself!

      At the time of writing this post it was based on fact! Not filler/scare tactics!

      Thanks for your comment.

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