Looking for the perfect responsive css framework…

… believe it or not I’m thinking that Square One is looking a little tired and could do with a refresh so I started looking for the perfect responsive css framework. Bootstrap was the first, coincidentally a web project that was recently handed over to me was using the same framework so it was a great opportunity to dig in and see what it had to offer.

Well the verdict is that it’s pretty awesome! With a plethora of ready to use functionality and styles it’s well worth a look at if you’re thinking of getting into a framework. The trouble for me is that it’s everywhere! And in order to make it your own you really do have a lot to override and customise – all in all though its pretty solid.

So what I was really looking for was something a little more lightweight that had the fundamental base css styles, resets, grids and responsiveness I was after, enter inuitcss!┬áIt’s perfect and was just what I was looking for. It uses SASS so you need to set up a preprocessing environment but its not that difficult to be honest. The beauty of this is that you can write normal CSS or SASS if you want but the end result will be minified and very lightweight which is exactly what you want for faster load times on your website! The next step would be to set up a source control .git with WordPress and see if I can create a decent workflow.

Anyway if I eventually find time to look at the redesign I might blog the process. Feel free to recommend any other CSS frameworks that might be worth a punt.

4 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect responsive css framework…

  1. Definitely checking this out.

    What benefits for you are there over Bootstrap?

    And definitely looking forward to seeing the redesign progress if you do blog about it.

  2. I too have been looking for the right responsive solution, settled on bootstrap for most but it would be interesting to see how Inuit compares, I’ll have a dig. Thanks

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