Logo Design

We understand that logo design is an important element of branding, it will create an individual impression of your business.
For this reason we first understand your business and your target market and then create your identity!

Different and memorable

At the core of your brand is logo design and nearly all designers at some point in their career will have designed a logo. To be effective the logo design will be familiar but different enough to be memorable, easy to read in an instant and detailed enough to have meaning also, it should be contemporary enough to out date the decade ahead.


As designers we go through various thought processes to establish the visual concept of a given brief and then present the strongest design to you, the client. We have to ensure that a given logo design will work in various formats without breaking the consistency of the design, this means that the logo should work at various sizes, colour or black and white variations. Here at Square One we generally only present a maximum of three designs as experience has taught us that any more than these can create confusion for the client. We have already narrowed down the options and present only those that we feel fulfills the brief best.


With logo design comes stringent disciplines that the client will usually be unaware of. The designer will create variations to overcome any foreseen pit falls when using the logo in different formats, publications or orientations – this will help maintain a consistent brand for the client. We would usually recommend brand guidelines as a solution to maintain this consistency although this is not always economical for small businesses.

Feel free to browser through logo portfolio to see some of the logos we have already created at Square One or have a look at related articles in the blog for example Logo Design Cheltenham.