Funki web design

A traditional website might not be what you are looking for and a funki web design might be what you are after. No problem, we are confident we can meet your requirements. Some of the more funki website designs have a little more edge to them than the traditional website designs most of us are used to. One such web site might be The Music Junction – a pretty funki web design in our opinion, includes the use of funki fonts, funki textures and a funki layout. Or perhaps Squiggle n Jiggle a funki web design that uses the html5 boilerplate aimed at bespoke parties for kids, again includes the use of funki fonts, funki layout and just general funkiness. Or maybe a funki web design design with hidden navigation for spy writer Nikki Owen  This is just to name a few, we have a few more funki web designs in the pipeline still under development.