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There are some very good reasons to leave comments on a blog and at the end is a killer tip for SEO blog comments and why you should be leaving one.

First of all by leaving a comment on someone else’s blog you are basically involving yourself in the conversation. The same way you generally have a conversation with friends and family you are building trust with that person and if you share the same interests then it can quite easily develop into something more. Consider the idea of future collaborations together if you are in business.. who knows.

Bloggers love feedback so, by leaving a comment not only are you adding to the conversation you can also give them feedback. If the blog post is worth some value why not show your appreciation by saying thanks, if the blog post is about hints and tips that you are also in the know about – why not leave additional hints or tips. This way you’re more likely to get your comment approved.

Don’t be worried about putting a link in your comments, as long as it is relevant to the blog post you’re commenting on and is another point of interest so do it. This is a great way to leverage traffic from another website that may be relevant to your own site, it’s also good for off site SEO.

Now for the killer SEO blog comments tip, when you leave a comment on a blog you have the opportunity to leave your Name, Email and Website Address. Your Name is used as the text link and regardless whether the link has a no follow attribute, Google will credit you with the backlink and it will also credit you with the targeted keywords you use!! Now that’s one good reason to leave a comment.

What are your thoughts on this post? Will you leave a comment?

35 thoughts on “FREE backlinks & seo blog comments!

          1. I’ve always wondered if it is just plain rude to leave a blatant SEO keyword name, rather than your real name (as I have done here!!). To me, it says that person is not really interested in getting involved in any conversation, and is just spamming your website to help improve their own search engine rankings.

          2. Well the etiquette is not really to leave a blatant SEO keyword as your link text in comment replies, it’s more likely to get approved if you are a genuine person but, I’ll let it go this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. I agree that it is not a great thing that Yahoo and MSN support it. If a site owner uses a nofollow the search engines should respect it. Possibly in the future they will wise up and follow Google.

  2. I totally agree that leaving comment on other blogs of our niche really helps us to bring more traffic and links to our blog. Also we should avoid the promotion of our company or product in the comment body. If we leave meaningful comment then chances of publishing would be high.

  3. Hi Elliott many thanks for the tip. I often read peoples blogs and only sometimes leave a comment. This has confirmed my thoughts that it is a good idea. Keep up the good work.

  4. I smiled with this posts. I was hit directly at my heart. lol. Kidding aside I truly agree with this post. I am an SEO newbie and I’ve already learned the importance of comments and links. Good job.

  5. You’ve got great insights about FREE, traffic, website,, keep up the good work!

  6. As fun as it sounds, commenting and building links can be as tedious as anything. Specially when your only aim is to build links and you take no interest in blogs you are commenting on. You practice this for a couple of months and either your network ip or physical ip goes for a toss.

    1. Good point, first and fore most your comments should be relevant to the post – my point is that even if there is a no-follow on the link, google will still credit a backlink… if a website link is provided of course.
      Personally I wouldn’t advocate spammy keywords as link text either.

      1. Thanks for your reply to my comment above.

        You say here that google still credits a backlink even if no-follow is used. Am I correct in presuming that Google will only give it a low credit, or at least a lower credit than a straight link (or a follow link). Is there any eveidence to quantify this? Ie can we make guess that 1 straight link is worth 100 no-follow links for example?
        Is it good enough to “spam” websites with comments or should we concentrate on getting straight links.

        1. Google have many complex algorithms all doing different things so, to guess how much one link is worth compared to another would be too mind boggling to figure out without actually seeing the algorithms of which Google keep as a closely guarded secret. The simplest way to think about it is that the site you are linking from has a strong relevance to the site you are linking too.
          I would advocate getting links back from sites that have relevance but, I wouldn’t advocate ‘spamming’ blogs with comments just to get a backlink, for one thing using blatant SEO link text can put the administrator off and they might not approve the comment, by all means go for it but bear this in mind.

  7. I would tend to agree that blog comments are really powerful to get traffic and getting involved in a conversation. But it is being misused by some webmasters who think they can spam around on blogs. I personally feel forums and blogs both have been invaded by spammers and people are just hungry for links rather than building relationships.

  8. Ya It is good source of FREE backlink. But I think more than getting backlink it is very useful for post as the post get update content in the form of comment.

  9. I like this article. I have a blog as well and Iยดm happy with comments when people take the time to read and make a constructive comment. I hate the comments that only say “I like your website”, specially when you know that itยดs only for spam.

  10. I agree with the reasons that you shared here.It is best to leave comments that are related to the topic and never spam.Thanks for sharing a great post.

  11. The main thing which search engines considered is content, fresh or unique content is very important and called to be cream. The second thing is error free website means no CSS and html error in your site, everyone basically use W3C for validation of CSS and html.

    1. I don’t think you can say there is a “main” thing, with over 200 algo’s to consider it’s very dangerous to give the wrong impression. What about back-links? What about markup structure? Internal link structure? Considering your own site doesn’t even take comments your comment is in danger of being spammed :-/

  12. Commenting is something Iโ€™ve never been good at to be honest. Iโ€™m so quick to read something and get back to what I was doing without leaving any thoughts. Maybe youโ€™ve inspired me to change a bad habit.

  13. Search engines use a variety of algorithms to determine relevancy ranking. Some of these include determining whether the search term appears in the body text or URL of a web page. Many search engines check for instances of spamdexing and will remove suspect pages from their indexes. Also, people working for a search-engine organization can quickly block the results-listing from entire websites that use spamdexing, perhaps alerted by user complaints of false matches. The rise of spamdexing in the mid-1990s made the leading search engines of the time less useful. Using sinister methods to have websites rank higher in search engine results is commonly referred to in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry as “Black Hat”

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