On the surface this looks like a simple site – but there is much more lurking behind the scenes…..namely….

a bespoke WordPress plugin to handle competition entry. CFPA has over 300 different classes split into 3 categories, Dance, Drama and Music, each class is governed by age and or groups (choirs, duets, trios or quartets etc). The system also allows for Parents, who are submitting single entries or Schools and Teachers who can submit multiple entries, anything from 10 to 100+. The system requires that the Parent/Guardian or School/Teachers register an account first then add their children with each child’s Date of Birth, the DOB is then used to filter only the classes applicable to that child e.g. if Jonny aged 10 is added then, only the categories and classes that are for aged 10 are shown to the account holder as the child is entered into a particular class rather than showing all 300+ possible class entries. Each entry or collective entries has a cost and the account holder can save their entries and come back to them if they need to but all entries must be paid for before the deadline for entry expires. Payment for all entries is taken via Stripe.