Correct Web Design

What we offer as a design agency is web design and by that we don’t mean a printout, jpeg or psd file so the web developer can extract some digital ingredients to chop up and throw together to create a complex and mouth-watering algorithm! When we say web design we mean a website that matches your company image and respects your identity, things like this are important if you want to maintain consistency within your business sector.

The process is simple. We obtain your corporate identity to visualise your website. Once your happy with the visual we would then built a HTML web page and attached something called a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), a language used to descried how the html page should look. Things such as fonts, alignment, margins,and colour will reference the CSS, the styles will cascade throughout your website thus maintaining consistency. This would then be handed to the Developer so they can then develop the functionality.

One of the benefits about this process is that if you wanted to change the spacing and the colour of a particular heading styles, it’s easy! Rather than having to change every single page that you’ve taken 18months to create, one amend would be made to the CSS and this would change every instance of that heading throughout your whole site.

If you need a website, have a website your not happy with or would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article, contact us, we would be happy to answer any of your questions.